You may have an elegantly designed website with the most contemporary look or a website with the latest technology. However, having such a website without any visitors holds no good. The core purpose of the existence of your website is to provide vast exposure and reach out to the millions of audience on the web and drive targeted traffic to your website. We can assist you in creating your website by understanding your needs so that your site complements the marketing strategy of your firm. Our aim is to build and maintain your website’s image to keep it appealing as well as effective to the visitors and your prospective buyers. An effective SEO can win the online traffic battle for you.


Some key features of optimizing your website are mentioned below :
• It is the most cost- effective medium to promote your business effectively.
• Its 24×7 availability is useful and preferred by customers
• Customers like the method for its convenience and instant informative nature. It allows them to get into the details easily.
• Since internet is considered as the best communication tool, getting customer-feedback about your trade is easier by promoting online marketing.

Web Studio 9, we follow comprehensive SEO Solutions using our SEO Process that helps you in achieving the desired SEO rankings.

Our SEO Services include

  • WEBSITE REVIEW The very first step commences with the analysis of your website to help us identify your website’s current performance, with respect to its position and listings in major search engines, identification of factors pertaining to search engine optimization drawbacks, like presence of broken links etc. among various other aspects. We also evaluate the design, content, and coding of the website
  • COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Next we move on to finding websites similar in nature with your website and which have undergone optimization and promotion. Thus, by checking the competitiveness of your website with respect to other top ranked websites, we manage to thoroughly gather the idea that helps us in identifying the SEO features that would best work for your website.
  • KEYWORD RESEARCHKeyword Research and Identifying proper keywords are integral part of Search Engine Optimization. The Keywords should be popular and at the same time related to your website. An extensive research is carried out on targeted keywords related to the website that will elevate the site’s performance and listings in the search engines.
  • RE-STRUCTURE WEBSITE Your website is the face of your business to your potential customers. Therefore it is significant that your website not only needs to have an attractive and elegant design, but your visitors should also be able to navigate through your website with ease. We revamp your website to suit all the above needs so that you can maximize your conversion rate and generate more business.
  • META TAGS GENERATION After the final keywords are decided, we then move on to the preparation of Meta tags, which includes Meta Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description. Once again, if the clients wish, they can also come up with a sample which we modify in accordance with SEO. Alternatively, we will come up with a set of 5 Descriptions/page for the client to choose from.
  • WEBSITE CONTENT CREATION We specialize in creating keyword-rich content for your website. Alongside being keyword-rich, the content is also engraving to the readers relevant to your niche. Our SEO Content Writing Experts start developing the contents for your website, once your targeted keywords are finalized. The SEO Content Writing Experts carry out extensive research before they get on to prepare your website content. They are skilled writers, who are capable to write content on various topics.
  • ROBOTS FILE CREATION There may be some pages in your website which you would not like to get exposed to search engine robots as well as visitors (like credit card info etc), This can be easily achieved by preparing a robots.txt file and we pursue your site and, filter out those pages that contains important information and create robots.txt file for those pages if necessary.

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